Sharpen Your Tears

Emancipated from the confines of a cold metal hanger another jacket woman is sketched, painted, and ultimately resurrected. Conveniently concealed collar dagger for painfully cool moments. Pop with caution.

Mermaid Purse

For the prolific collector of whose-its and what's-its galore. Materials: - Blank tote bag - Squid ink

Wriggling Larvae to Sinning Beast

I live within a perilous radius of a massive Hobby Craft, so naturally there are numerous mini-projects occupying my flat at all times. The one that most recently grew from a wriggling mini-project larvae into a sinning adult project beast is the Sapere Aude Jacket. Now that she's all grown up, I've added some photographic memories of her childhood. From her baby sketches to her awkward pubescent underpaintings, this lady has finally adulted straight to the pub. (Shocker). Materials: - Highly satisfying globs of fabric paint. - Grizzled paint brushes clinging to the edge of existence. (I'll wash you properly one day). - Jacket rescued from a charity shop. - 5 weekends?

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