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Painted Family Genes

Recently the family and I were lucky enough to reconvene in Cape Cod for a summery hootenanny complete with some of my favourite activities including consuming lots of chowdered bivalves and modelling some freshly painted denim. This post will focus on the latter, but it's only now I realize that perhaps this entire website should contain more pictures of my family eating clam chowder. With a full understanding of the fact that that is what you might prefer to see, allow me to appease you instead with photos of some of my desperately weird yet also incredibly chic family members sporting my latest instalments of painted denim clothing.

From sketch book embryos to fully grown adults, here are the painted family jeans. A jacket for SISTER and a pair of pants (trousers) for MOM.

1. SISTER (noun). Female sibling. Harbours a healthy yet 100% full-blown obsession with her dog Luna. Loves California wild flowers and is literally surrounded by an aura the oceanic colours of Santa Cruz.

Reference photos were not a problem. I simply picked one from the NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND PHOTOS there are of this dog on the internet. Behold the illustrious deity Luna:

Transfigured into sketchbook world of 2D

I fking love word maps.

And painting time!

Paint paint paint paint beer paint paint paint paint paint beeeeeeer paint until the jacket is perfect so the appropriately glowy and genuine reaction from SISTER can be obtained:


Now gurl you better WERK.

YES. Yeees...NO! NO!

Even BROTHER got to WERK, gurl:

Well done, queens. Next!

2. MOTHER (noun). Female parent. Formally requested imagery relating to hummingbirds, flowers, and Frida Kahlo. Is probably an actual hummingbird, smells like flowers, and is definitely an artist.

Admittedly this embryo to adult sequence skips a few stages (see Draw the rest of the fucking owl), but you get the drift.


SISTER worked the pants (trousers) too!

Aaaand I'm spent!

Except I'm not at all. SEND MORE DENIM!

x CB

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